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Ethnic craftsmanship dhurrie (Vintage)

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Have you ever noticed that even a small change or things that we take for granted can adorn your day? This lavish regal looking carpet gives the halls and rooms a stylish, managed look thus enhancing the artistic aroma of a place. Give a new dimension to your rooms or tables with this soothing, beautiful and ravishing product enriched with delightful colors. This carpet has been made by traditional and impeccable craftsmanship. Whether you are going for a picnic, parties or home events carpets play an important role as it is easy to carry and shiftable from one place to another. This ethnic dhurrie has eye-catching designs with open threads at both ends that embellish the carpet design even more. You do not need extra service to wash this carpet, it is as easy to wash at home and carefully designed to give simile view from both sides thus one can décor his floors from either side of carpets.

Feature and Details:
  • Dimension: 48 X 70
  • Weight: 2.200 Kg
  • Pattern: self-designed
  • Material: Cotton threads of high quality
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Orientation: vertical frame
  • Lightweight so easy to shift
  • Give floors an Indian touch
  • Traditional color
  • Home washable
  • Hand printed both sides same design