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1. Please read and understand our Terms and Conditions listed below before purchasing any of our product. Once you buy a particular item, you will be bound by the terms. Purchasing a product will by-default imply that the customer has agreed to all the Terms and Conditions specified therein. These include the Privacy Policy and our Delivery and Returns Policy.

2. As a customer, it is your due right to scrutinize the product before making any payment at the cash counter. Our products comprise of marble items which are heavy and can be broken easily if mishandled or if the packaging is not proper. So before purchasing a product make sure that you agree to our terms and conditions.

3. In case a customer purchases a marble item, and for any reason, he/she doesn’t approve of it and wants to return it then it will not be possible. It would be challenging for us to manage the repackaging of the product at the customer’s place and delivering it back to our shop. The heavy weight of the package would also be the add-on to the costly transportation charges. Moreover, mishandling or improper packaging will increase the chance of the product being broken. So, it is advisable that before purchasing either the customer gets the item thoroughly inspected by an expert or he/she takes complete information about the product from our employees. Once we dispatch a product, we will not accept any returns.

4. Marble being a natural stone can possess small or even big marks. By purchasing the product, we will assume that the customer is aware of this fact and has agreed upon it.

5. The remaining terms and conditions will be discussed and agreed upon at the time of sale and purchase of the product.

6. The cost of the products includes the packing expenses,forwarding , all taxes and shpping charges.