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Both side hand-painted cotton dhuree (Vintage)

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Here comes another rare piece from magnificent Indian history. It is a heavy piece made from pure cotton thread weighing almost 2 kilograms. The design has been printing by expert’s hands.

The style is traditional and it’ll bring in a touch of uniqueness and history to your place. You can hang it against the wall or spread it over some flat surface. The good thing is that you this magnificent dhurrie is home-washable. It is something you don’t find in a market these days. This is a rare antique piece which is, original and completely legitimate. If you are tired of replicas then this original piece must attract your eyes.

It has been printing on both sides and features the exact same design on either side. The border also depicts the traditional Indian pattern interlinked lines constituting a square shape.

Feature and Details:
  • Dimension: 67 X 44
  • Weight: 2.00 Kg