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The Floral Hand Painted Dhurrie (Vintage)

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Hand painted floral patterns lined in two rows make a perfect binding for a dhurrie. Painted on both the sides to make a double utility, the edges of the dhurrie on the top and the bottom have ripped cuttings which make it look splendid and add a charm to the painted dhurrie. Being hand painted, the dhurrie looks astonishingly beautiful and exotic when spread in your living area in one of the corners or the center to make the room look remarkably modern and excellent. Featuring a great amount of detailing on the borders, the dhurrie has triangular patterns in decent colours and flowing pattern which will match the interiors of any room. Woven in a great quality of cotton cloth with vibrant colours, this dhurrie is a dynamic match with your center tables or corner tables to lie upon. Buy this amazing dhurrie from our collection and embark a stunning feature to your room.