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The Soft Both Side Hand Painted Cotton Dhuree (Vintage)

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If you are seeking to lend a glow of antiquated elegance to your lounge room or your bed room then the best way to resort to it is to lay out the cottony soft and cushioned dhuree on the floor, and what better rug than the stunning both side painted cotton dhuree that is superbly fabricated and painted into a rich masterpiece of art. Crafted by the hands of the best painters and artists, the cotton dhuree makes for an excellent traditional floor rug that will leave your guests reeling in astonishment not just by the exclusive appearance but by its soft cushioned texture as well. This dhuree features a world of its own in painting with rows of traditionally dressed princess admiring the beauty of flowers, and paintings of flowers within the border separated by a column of painted ducks and fishes against a watery blue background within a rectangular border that is skirted by deers and shrubs at all of its sides. The dhuree is bordered with tassels at its breadth sides.